“A Change it is a Coming”

Once a year there is a Uranus Mercury conjunction.  It will almost always be making aspects to other planets.  The planets that is it playing with will help define the experience of this annual reunion.

This year the Moon will be joining them.  Whenever the moon is present emotions will always come into play.  Mars will also be joining the party.  This can potentially throw a wrench into the mix.  Mars will square (a square is an obstacle or building block) Uranus three times this year extending the life of this configuration to almost the end of 2018.

Let’s define the personality of the planets involved.

Uranus rules freedom from the known, sudden change, increased intelligence, rebellion, lightening, earth quakes, civil unrest and thinking outside of the box. It rules our ankles, wrists, circulation system and sugar fluctuations.

Mercuryrules communication, all ways we retrieve process and store information, local transportation, our hands, arms, shoulders, lungs and bronchial tubes.

The Moonrules the masses, our emotions, home, family, mother, food, clothing, housing and real estate. It rules our stomachs, breasts, mammary glands, and pectoral mussels.

Marsrules ambition, anger, aggressiveness, action, fighting for what you desire.  It rules the head and face.

What is important to remember is that energy follows the flow of least resistance and every energy pattern can be used in a positive way or a negative way.  The energy of this planetary configuration will follow the hearts and minds of humankind.  We all have a choice, we can be part of the problem or part of the solution.  The time to discipline your thoughts and actions is now.

One thing we know for sure is this energy will produce change.  This change can come through a brilliantly communicated heart felt emotional battle that raises our consciousness. One that allows us to see things in a different light.  Or, it can create a global war that devastates many.  I have given you the extremes of possibility for this energy. There are also many outcomes within the middle that could unfold.

My intention here is to wake you up to understanding it is time to take responsibility for your own thoughts/actions.  Do you fight for something worth fighting for, or do you feed the fight for the sake of fighting?  Are the things you fight for something you would be proud of when it is time to meet your maker, or would you be hanging your head down when asked what that fight was truly all about.

Start using your mind, compassion, desire for change and gumption to focus on creating a positive change, one that helps your fellowman, one that is as much of a win as possible for all concerned.  There is change coming and there is probably a fight coming along with this change. Choose your actions carefully for you will be held accountable for them.  When we replace intelligence and compassion with fists everyone gets hurt.  I realize that sometimes you do have to pick up your fists, just don’t leave the intelligence and compassion out of the mix.

Please remember the earth reflects the consciousness of the masses.  She will erupt in turmoil as we allow our hearts and minds to follow a twisted road.  She is our mirror and it is important to understand she only reflects us back to us. Be conscious of what your mirror is reflecting back into the world always remembering what goes around comes around.

God Speed for a Compassionate, Intelligent Change.

Much Love & Light to All,


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