About Karen McCoy, Spiritual Astrologer

Karen McCoy is a third generation astrologer who has dedicated over forty years to teaching and assisting people to integrate the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of themselves. Her astrological practice is international and includes several thousand clients.
Karen McCoy, Spiritual Astrologer

Ms. McCoy is a nationally recognized author and public speaker on astrology, motivational and metaphysical subjects. Her credentials include; being a published author with Simon & Schuster, serving on the executive board of advisers and past president of the South Florida Astrological Association, Inc. Her professional memberships include; South Florida Astrological Association, National Council for Geocosmic Research, American Federation of Astrologers Network, Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. and Alliance of Divine Love, Inc.

Karen has lectured nationally to diverse groups of people and organizations, from international conferences to local charity fundraisers. She has produced and hosted her own weekly radio talk show. Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay are just a few who have appeared on her program. She has also been a guest on numerous radio and local television shows. Next to her family, her greatest love is to be of service, either through her ministry, her work as a spiritual astrologer, her teaching, or just passing a smile forward.

“Understanding is the root of compassion, sensitivity, and self-growth. When we heal our own consciousness, we heal all that we touch.”
                                                                                           -Karen McCoy