Available December 7th, 2018

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In Cosmic Rhythms: A User’s Manual for Humans, third generation astrologer Karen McCoy and holistic family physician Dr. Christine Staub combine their knowledge and life experience to deliver a fresh, truly unique approach to personal growth. Life exploration and consciousness-raising tools are presented within the framework of classical astrology, as the reader is introduced to the twelve domains of human development that are navigated in 28-year cycles.

Written for those new to the field of astrology yet valuable to the professional practitioner, this book contains a wealth of information delivered in common language, and includes engaging stories, thought-provoking self-inquiry prompts and an introduction to core transformational tools. Cosmic Rhythms is appropriate for anyone interested in liberating full life potential.

While McCoy and Staub introduce spiritual perspectives, the self-reflection prompts in this book are equally useful on a purely secular level.