Mercury Retrograde March 22, 2018

Timing of the Retrograde:
We have the 1st Mercury retrograde of the year on March 22nd at 8:19 PM EDT 16 degrees Aries 4 minutes until April 15 at 5:21 AM EDT 04 degrees Aries 47 minutes.
About the Retrograde:
This Mercury retrograde because it is in the sign of Aries is asking us to look at everything we have started within the past three months. Is there something we have committed ourselves to that needs to be renegotiated before it has gone too far? Special attention needs to be given to the past three weeks.
It is not a time to start new things, though it is a great time to repair, renegotiate, rewind, research, or anything for that matter that allows us to go back over something and make it right. The reason we do not start new things during a Mercury retrograde is because it carries the vibration of looking backwards and rarely are things done correctly during that vibration.
Mercury retrograde is actually a fabulous time. It is the universes way of keeping us from compounding a mistake. It brings things in need of correction front and center so they may be repaired.
It is also a great time to reconnect with friends, family, clients, or business associates that have fallen by the way side. It is a time to slow down look at what has been lost/misplaced or forgotten and decide if it is someone or something you would like to reclaim.
Born with Mercury Retrograde:
If you are born with Mercury retrograde the same rules do not apply for you, though I will say you still need to pay extra attention. You will find yourself thinking clearer than normal. It is as if the energy is moving forward for you while moving backwards for others. Normally your function is backwards, that is why you find yourself often second guessing yourself and going over things often. Early in life you learned to get it right you needed to do it twice. And you are always more comfortable researching and looking below the surface.
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