New Moon, New Beginning

We had a New Moon Thursday at the Solar Eclipse and we are still in the New Moon cycle until Sunday early evening. The wonderful thing about New Moons is they always represent a new beginning. The sign the New Moon is in will tell us what is reset for this particular month. This month the New Moon/Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius rules our goals and aspirations, so when the New Moon comes in the sign of Aquarius, it is time for us to establish our goals for the year. Make a list of all the things you would like to accomplish this coming 12 months. I say make a list for that is the first step of bringing them into the physical dimension. I would suggest you take it one step further and put down on that list everything you can think of that you have ever told yourself you would like to accomplish or attain even if and especially if it is no longer a desire. Then go through your written list and cross off the things you no longer desire and give yourself credit, with a check mark for the things you have accomplished. The reason behind this is the check make raises your self esteem and confidence while crossing the items you no longer desire off the list tells your subconscious mind you no longer desire those things, so it is not registering it as a failure.

After this is completed get a fresh piece of paper and transfer the things you still desire to accomplish and have not yet attained to your new list. Each year when the Moon is new in Aquarius re-examine your list and repeat this action. Stay current with your goals, only carry things forward that serve you and you will notice a much higher success rate for your healthy hearts desires.

Happy dreaming; shoot for the Moon.

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