Mercury Retrogrades 4 times this year

Mercury Retrogrades 4 times this year. Each time Mercury retrogrades it give us an opportunity to upgrade or reboot certain areas of our lives. Sometimes the Mercury retrograde can get down right demanding.

Mercury rules our thought process, our communications, the spoken and written word, and also our automobiles, appliances and electronics.  Remember everything that happens is to teach us something, so pay attention to what is giving you difficulty, if anything.  Not backing up your computer, maybe you need to be paying more attention to detail.  Cell phone breaks, take a look at your communication skills.  Radiator breaks on your car, how is your circulatory system?  If you know the area of life (houses in your chart) where this is happening, it will tell you the area of life that is calling for more attention and a redirecting of your energies.

When Mercury retrogrades we have this wonderful opportunity to go back and fix what may be in need of repair.  This is a great time to contact people, whether it be friends, clients or family members that you have inadvertently put to the side during the rush of life.  Re-establishing neglected relationships is a perfect use of this energy, so is fixing mistaken communications, automobiles and appliances.  Preferably, you would have maintained these areas of life before the retrograde happened and will not have to use this period running around like a chicken without a head fixing all the things that can surface during these dates.

If your life is in good repair, the retrograde will allow for a restful time. For a short period of time, life will not be moving quite so fast.  If your life is not in good repair, you will be thankful for the slower motion.  The slower pace allows for repairs, though you will not notice the energy slowing down, for you will be busy working on what needs fixing.

Those that try to buck the energy and push things through, start new projects, sign important contracts, or buy cars and appliances will spend much time wishing they did not, or had read the fine print twice.  Mercury retrograde is not supposed to bring life to a halt.  It is supposed to teach us to slow down, pay attention to the commitments we are putting on ourselves.  To make sure a little repair would not suffice instead of always opting to discard and reach for the new.

The Mercury retrograde says, slow down pay attention, repair, rest, redo, relax, rewind, revisit and if you have to move forward recheck your direction and reread your documents.   People are naturally looking back during the retrograde, hence mistakes in forward motion.  If you slow yourself down, you will be less likely to make mistakes during the retrograde.  If you happen to be born when Mercury was retrograding, this can be an exceptionally good time for you, although all rules still apply.

Mercury goes in a retrograde motion this coming Tuesday, August 30th at 9:04 AM EDT starting at 29 degrees of Virgo 05 minutes.  It will remain retrograde until the 22nd of September at 1:31 AM EDT having gone back to 14 degrees of Virgo 49 minutes.  Retrogrades are not good times to make final decisions, though they are great times to do the research.  If possible, it would be better to wait until the retrograde is over to make final decisions.  There are often extenuating circumstances.  If you absolutely must decide during one, check with your favorite astrologer to find the best date during these difficult times.

Because this retrograde is entirely in the sign of Virgo you want to pay special attention to all the things that Virgo rules, like your job, employees, health, small animals and hygiene.  If you know the area of your chart that Mercury will be transiting you can refine the areas in need of repair even finer.

This article is a gift, and it is a shame that I have to say this, but I do (though only for a few of you it is still hurtful to share from your heart for you want people to be aware, and then to be told it is not enough).  Please don’t call me and asked me to look up where Mercury is transiting in your chart.  And yes please feel free to pick up the phone and book a session if you have stuff going on that you just have to know where it is.  Thank you for respecting my boundaries. Enjoy your regrouping cycle.

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