God Speed

Below is an explanation of the intense energy of 2016. The first few sentences may be confusing for non-astrologers, get past them and the explanation may assist you to understand what we have all be going through and why it has been important to human evolution.

On Sunday January 3, 2016 at 9:33 AM the planet Mars moved into the sign of Scorpio.  This by itself is not a rare phenomena, but with it spending the next two months in Scorpio then retrograding back in shortly after it left and staying in Scorpio until the 2nd of August, that is an awful long period of time for our focus of attention to be on worst case scenario.  When Mars is in Scorpio it digs up dirt and when it is retrograde in Scorpio it digs even deeper.  It helps us to root out anything hidden or suppressed deep inside of our selves.  From dislikes, judgments, guilt, shame, blame or even down right hatred.  These are things most of us normally suppress or control.  They are not healthy  for us to carry in our bodies, or minds so every once in a while the universe creates an opportunity for us to purge.  For those of you that have ever done a purge, had food poisoning, a stomach virus, or done a cleanse, you will know it is not pleasant and the things that come out of you can be quite vial.  Well just think about how much more damage that stuff could do if it did not come up to be released.  The same holds true for what we hold and feed in our consciousness.  This year we witnessed a tremendous amount of human garbage come up to be released.  Traditionally when this has happened in history there has always been an architect to hold the energy and direct the masses as to where to point their hatred.  Someone to take advantage of what was happening on the planet and harvest this raw energy to their own advantage.  Uniting human emotions against a common, or supposed common enemy for their own benefit.  As humankind evolves this becomes more and more difficult for these architects to pull off.  A conscious human will look inside for what is in need of correcting in their lives instead of looking for someone to blame their situation upon.  An unconscious human will follow the architect into battle rather then make self corrections.  This year has truly been a test of consciousness for all of us.  We have all had to look and what was hiding deep inside.  Facing ones demons is not easy, though once they have been dealt with it is quite freeing.

The most difficult part of this planetary transit was that as soon as Mars came out of Scorpio it started applying to a conjunction with Saturn.  The closer it got to Saturn the more intense the energy became.  Mars conjunct Saturn is an abuse aspect.  When these two planets come together suppressed anger erupts to the surface.  If you have not dealt with your own stuff you will feel obsessed with choosing a side and joining the battle.  Mars made its exact conjunction with Saturn on the 24th of August.  By the 27th of September Mars will leave Sagittarius, the sign that Saturn is in and you will feel the pressure dissipate.  The three eclipses of the past 6 weeks will be over, the Mercury retrograde will be over and so will your opportunity to purge from your being that which holds you back from the level of spirituality that could be acquired by truly releasing that which unconsciously holds you back to a place, time and consciousness of the pain you hold within.  I invite you to dig deep, own it, thank it for what it has taught you.  Let yourself know that the lesson has made you stronger, so strong that you no longer need to carry the weight of the burden of the pain.  Knowing that all strength comes from the vibration of appreciation.  Appreciation of the gain releases the pain.

On September 16, 2016 at 3:05 PM EDT we received the 3rd Eclipse in six weeks.  This eclipse is a gift of purge.  It is a final push encouraging us to release anything from our being and our lives that is not in our best interest to hold on to.  If we do the work these next six months will be filled with release after release.  The burdens of life will fall by the wayside and our consciousness will be elevated.  If we try to hold on to the guilt, shame and blame these next six months will be very difficult for we would have chosen to do battle instead of Love.  Choose wisely for you are now truly choosing sides.  The planet is changing it consciousness and giving us a chance to come along for the ride.  There is a glorious journey that awaits, it’s your choice.

In addittion October 19th sports a hard aspect from Mars to Pluto.  On the three days approaching this date, the day of and the day following, please avoid crowds, bad neighborhoods, people with anger issues or trying to confront anyone.  This is a rough aspect and can bring out the worst in people.  If someone does something unkind take a breath and walk away.  This energy is too intense to play with.

God Speed,

Karen McCoy





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