Venus is Retrograde: July 25th through September 6th

Venus is Retrograde: July 25th through September 6th


Venus will be retrograding from July 25th 5:29 AM EDT beginning at 00 Virgo 46 and going all the way back to 14 Leo 23 on September 6th at 4:29 AM EDT.  Venus retrograde lasts for approximately 6 weeks and repeats approximately ever 18 months.


Explanation of retrograde:

Every time a planet retrogrades we have an opportunity to make an adjustment.  Each planet holds a different energy pattern, so there is an opportunity to make adjustments in many different areas of our lives.  The slower the motion of the planet, or further away the planet is from earth the easier the adjustment for we have more time.  Some of the planets that are considered personal planets, or quick moving planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars have such a quick retrograde cycle that when they retrograde there is no denying an adjustment is necessary.


Venus in Retrograde:

Venus rules all situations connected to love, money and our value system.  It rules our true hearts desires.  Sometimes life moves us in a direction that is not in alignment with our true hearts desires.  So, the Universe/God in it’s infinite wisdom gives us the opportunity every 18 months to make a course correction.  When we pay attention to these opportunities we are very easily set back in the correct direction of our true hearts desires.  Conversely when we ignore the warning signs (which we absolutely can because of our free will), life get increasingly more difficult and every time Venus retrogrades, it tries it’s very best to get us back on course.  During the time periods that Venus is in a retrograde motion it is important to pay attention to what makes you happy and what disappoints you.  Take the time to move yourself away from the disappointments and steer yourself in a more positive direction.  If you have been ignoring the signs for many years it may not be easy to make the correction, though in the long run it will be well worth the effort.

If you draw a straight line that is exactly 180 degrees from point A to point B with point A representing your starting point and point B representing your hearts desire.  Then at the bottom of the line next to point A draw another straight line angled just a very small amount away from the other straight line.  You will see that when you made your first deviation there was a very little difference though as you extended that second straight line you can see how as time passes you are getting further and further away from reaching your hearts desires.  It is amazing how just the smallest deviation can have you end up so far off course in the end.

Each time Venus retrogrades it will attempt to move us back on course.  The further out the deviation has been allowed to go the longer it will take you to bring yourself back on course.  Be patient there is no need to up root your entire life, a gentle adjustment will have you moving in the right direction.  Use these six weeks to observe how people, places and things make you feel.  Examine your moral, financial, and spiritual values.  Honestly ask yourself if you are happy with what you see, if not fix it.  If you choose to ignore the signs the Universe will make things difficult for at least the next twelve weeks.  Then after the awareness and adjustment cycles are over you will find yourself further away from your goals and still not moving in the direction of your happiness.  If you choose to pay attention and make the directional changes even if they are not totally complete you will begin to feel a sense of satisfaction in your life for you will know you are headed in the right direction for attaining your personal hearts desires.

It is best to use this cycle for re-examining your finances instead of imposing new financial obligations on self.  Because we are in a cycle of correction, it is not one of the best times to be making financial decision.  Remember Venus rules both Love and Money so both of those areas are up for observing and correcting.  Hold back on any major financial or romantic decisions until after the 6th of September passes.

If you happen to be one of the people born with Venus retrograde you will be able to see with great clarity during this cycle and even be able to make intelligent decisions while other may not be able.

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