Total Blood Red Lunar Eclipse


We are in very intense times on our planet. A time in history that has been written about for many, many centuries. We are in a time where there can be no sitting on the fence, or have an unwillingness to take responsibility for our own actions. We are now in the middle of an intense “Tetrad” that humankind has not seen the likes of for over 2000 years. Now we are correcting ourselves. The only choice is to be part of the solution, or part of the problem and this is not a good time to be part of the problem. The Universe is telling us that we are in the time of judgment and is asking us to govern ourselves accordingly.

A Tetrad is four total lunar eclipses in a row, we may have one in sixty years or we may not have one for a hundred and fifty years, they come spatially.  Needles to say they are not common and they are intense.  Think about a full moon and how much that monthly happening expands our emotions and how much more intensely we feel thing.  Now think about a lunar eclipse (which happens at a full moon) and take the emotion of a normal full moon and double the emotion.  Add the fact that they are total Lunar eclipses and each of them on a blood red moon, they are also each on a high spiritual holiday according to the Old Testament, this is beyond intense.  This particular planetary configuration has not happened for 2000 years and we all know what happened 2000 years ago.

Because the eclipses of the tetrad are lunar they affect us on a very personal level and we are each asked to make adjustments.  It is about us doing the work and not pointing our fingers at others.  Example: There is a lot of complaining about what is being done to our food and how big companies are poisoning our food with chemicals.  The adjustment is not about complaining louder or more often, the adjustment is about not buying those products, for the truth is the only true vote we get is how we spend our money.  If you don’t want them to keep radiating your potatoes so they will have a longer shelf life then buy organic potatoes.  Sooner or later the radiated potatoes will rot without us buying them and when they start losing money they will stop radiating.  They will have to produce more organic potatoes causing the price of organic to come down when they become the norm.  Now this does not mean we are not supposed to keep a watchful eye and pay attention to what is happening or not speak up, it means we need to follow through with how we spend our money (our vote).

The next lunar eclipse the third of the tetrad is April 04, 2015 and it is at 14 degrees of Libra and is north nodal.  Whenever an eclipse is at the north nodal axes it is bringing new information and is teaching us something.  This means if we are willing to listen and pay attention to what is going on around us, we can be taught how to create harmony in our lives.  Libra is all about balance, harmony and fair play.  It is about relationships, partnership and us working and playing well with others.  This energy it supposed to be teaching us to get along with one another.  It also rules our legal system, contracts and commitments to one another.  The north nodal eclipse is gentle allowing us to learn the easy way, though if we do not listen when the south nodal one comes we will pay the price.  That one will come in late September this year and is the last lunar eclipse of the tetrad.  The effect of eclipses last for about six months, or until the next eclipse, so we have some time to get it right.

To get this lesson we must learn to create harmony in our lives.  Harmony is very different then compromising, the old modality of Libra was compromising, the new is harmonizing.  Think about it this way, compromising means every body has to give something up, thereby every body is loosing.  Harmony means every one wins, every one is happy.  Learn to manifest win win situations across the board, as you do this you will create an environment of joy around yourself and the people you associate with.  It is like a smile it is infectious, so is happiness.  Working together will actually become a joy and a privilege as we learn to work with an us mentality we become part of something bigger then ourselves and we accomplish so much more together.  One of the reasons we incarnate on this planet, is to learn to work together and assist one another, it is a major part of how we evolve our souls.

We all have a special piece of the puzzle share your uniqueness in a way that others are glad you are here.

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