Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015

At 5:36 AM EDT 29 Degrees of Pisces and 27 Minutes

I am sure that most of you know that we are in the middle of a Tetrad.  A Tetrad is four total lunar eclipses in a row and I will be going into great depth about that in my next article.  We have had two of the eclipses already and are preparing for the next coming this April 4, 2015.

In the mean time two weeks before that third eclipse of the Tetrad, we are having a very special Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015.  There are many things that make this eclipse special.

  1. It is in the center of a Tetrad

This intensifies the energy of the eclipse.

  1. It is South Nodal.

Demanding we clean something up.

  1. It is on the day of the Spring Equinox

We are shedding an old skin and are in the middle of a rebirthing.

  1. It is Total

There are no shadows, no place to hide, all is visible.

  1. It is at the highest degree of the zodiac.

This degree is called God Speaks for it is the highest spiritual point in the zodiac.


Many of you have heard me say that the universe will teach us our lessons as gently as we allow, though if we remain unconscious the universe is capable of picking up a two by four and if that wouldn’t do it, it will put a nail in the end of that two by four.  Bottom line, we have reached the batter up time.  The universe is standing over the plate and getting ready to swing.  We are in the greatest purging cycle this planet has ever seen.  The universe is giving us a chance to change.  During the three and a half days prior to this eclipse we will be shown what we need to let go of and if we consciously meditate during this window we can even be told.

When I say let go of, I am talking about attitudes, judgments, habits, poor behavior, greed anything that keeps you from being a kind compassionate contributing member of the human race.  We are in the time of judgment and our behavior is being scrutinized.  Be the person it would make you proud to be, be your best you and if God forbid your best you is some warped idea of you winning at the expense of others,, you need to know that this two by four it to big for you to duck to avoid.  We are in the amnesty period, let it go now and the consequences are not as bad as they will be later; show up with it on the 20th of March 2015 or later and you will be held seriously accountable.  The universe is not fooling around, we are solidly in the time of  divine intervention on the planet as we speak.  There are two more eclipse in this Tetrad the next April 4, 2015 will teach us how to function in our new reality on the planet it is gentle.  The last eclipse on the Tetrad September 27, 2015 will kick butt and take numbers.  Please don’t wait until then for there is no more amnesty after the 20th of March.  It is one thing to say choose what side of the fence you want to be on for there is no sitting on the fence from this time forward, though that is not what I am saying, I am saying after the 20th your side is chosen for you based on your behavior to date.  Those that need to and choose to make the correction will be allowed to enjoy the benefits of grace, those that do not, will not.

Those of you that have been living a kind and compassionate life may need only minor adjustment and will feel blessed during these times.  Especially from April 4th through September 27th this year for there will be a tremendous amount of spiritual guidance assisting us on our journey.  I will write about what happens after the 27th of September as we get closer to that date.  Remember to help one another it is why we are here and how we evolve our souls.

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