Preparing for the total Solar Eclipse

Preparing for the total Solar Eclipse and making the most of the energy 

I have been asked to clarify what can be done to assist in the purging/cleansing before the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 at 5:36 AM.  The absolute strongest time for the purge is at Sunset March 18th and 19th.  The best case scenario would be for you to stick your feet in a body of living water and watch the sun set into the water.  As the sun goes down out loud you want to voice your purge/prayer/affirmation, which ever you are most comfortable calling it.  We all come from different back rounds and different religions and different ways of speaking to and about a higher consciousness that most in the Jewish/Christian society refer to as God, Native Americans say Great Spirit the list goes on and on, the name does not matter only what is in your heart.

For me my comfort zone is Great Spirit.  I will share with you what I will be doing and why, do what works for you and what is in your heart.  I am going to the west coast of Florida and putting my feet in the water at sunset, I will be asking Great Spirit to take from me anything that stands in the way of me receiving 100% of his glory so I can be an open channel of his Love, Light and Wisdom.  Then I will allow anything that stands in the way to be released from my body purged from my spirit and soul to be washed away by the waters taken away by Great Spirit with the setting sun and purified and returned to source to be re-channeled and re-directed as Great Spirit sees fit.

When the sun rises in the east it brings with it a new day, new knowledge and new lessons.  When it sets in the west it takes with it the stress of the day and cleanses our plate so we may rest and dream and be recharged for a new day.  Often we go from sunrise to sunrise not taking the time to let go of the burdens of the day and keep piling new burdens onto those that we have not been able to lay down.

Have you ever noticed that most people that live on a coast where the Sun rises live a much quicker paced life then those that live on a coast where the Sun sets?  Just like those that live on the setting Sun side must visit the rising sun side from time to time to be re-energized, those that live on a rising sun side need to visit a setting Sun side from time to time so they may release stress.  Because we are in the most major purging cycle this planet has ever seen, this would be a great time for a visit to the setting sun side.

If you are not able to get to the setting Sun side an alternative would be to put your feet in a vessel of salted water facing the setting Sun say your affirmation/prayer a loud.  Allowing the salt water to absorb the stress and any negativity you may be holding onto and then spill the water onto the body of the earth/mama and ask for it to be cleansed.

The most important thing for us to release is any guilt, shame or blame.  Sometimes we carry things that we are not even conscious we are caring, this is why I ask that anything that stands in the way of me feeling 100% of Great Spirits Glory be taken away.  Find the words that come from your heart that work for you.  Then remember God/Great Spirit what ever you refer to the higher power by will know what is in your heart, so don’t worry about making a mistake just show up and be present for the release.

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