The Reconstruction of The Feminine and Masculine Energy

Return of the Sacred Feminine and the Spiritual Masculine

We are in extraordinary times on the planet; we are in the middle of a Total Blood Red Moon Tetrad.  This has not happened since Christ walked the earth, this energy pattern heralds the awaking of human kind.  Both man and woman are being asked to right themselves.  Astrologically there is planetary set up after planetary setup that is giving us the energy to make these changes.

All change starts with self.  Both masculine and feminine energies need corrections.  The universe is calling for the balancing of these energies.  Before one can respect the other we must reconstruct ourselves.  This lecture will focus on the Return of the Scared Feminine and the Spiritual Masculine.

In learning how and why we have deconstructed ourselves along with what the repercussions have been.  We can learn to put our selves back together, righting our energy, we consciously create balance in all areas of our lives and become beacons of Light for others.

“When we heal our own consciousness, we heal all that we touch’

Karen McCoy




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