The Planet is Changing Its Spiritual Consciousness

“The Planet is Changing Its Spiritual Consciousness” So Can We

Last summer there were two Astrological phenomenon’s’ in the heavens, they were called Stars of David.  When this happens the planets can be diagramed on paper and you can actually see them forming a Star of David in the heavens.  We go through cycles of astrological configurations on the planet and when certain ones especially ones that are normally rare start repeating themselves over a number of years, you can bet the universe is trying to help us make an adjustment.  I refer to it as scheduled “Divine Intervention”.  If you don’t know what a Star of David looks like, it is two triangles together one straight up the other turned upside down.  In short it represents as above so below.  The triangle reaching up is man-seeking God, the triangle reaching down is God completing man and answering his prayers.  The triangle reaching up also represents woman, or feminine energy, the ability to receive.  The triangle reaching down also represents man, or masculine energy, the ability to seek and attain.  When these energies come together and form a Star, the universe is giving us the energy we need to understand what is out of balance and rebalance the masculine and feminine energy on the planet in all dimensions.  This planetary configuration has been happening every few years since the 80’s.  We have made great strides on the planet since then, though now is when the real work begins.  I say this because this last set of Stars has heralded a “Tetrad”.

What is a “Tetrad”, a Tetrad is four total lunar eclipses in a row, it takes two years for it to complete itself.  Tetrads are erratic, there can be several for a period of time and then none for 300 years.  They always herald a time of change, unrest and/or immense growth in human consciousness.  That being said every once in a great while all four of the total lunar eclipses of the Tetrad are also blood red moons.  That is the case for the Tetrad we are in the middle of, also each of these eclipses are on a high holiday of the Old Testament.  This combination of energy has not happened since Christ was born.

As we put all the ingredients together, we can see how important this timing is to human kind.  Eclipses crack the shell of our defense systems and force us to deal with our actions.  Lunar eclipses intensify our emotional awareness and how we interact with one another.  They bring feeling to a head.  With this energy not letting up for two years much old baggage can be discarded.  Then the blood red moons step it up times four.  If we are not willing to deal with our stuff, change and grow these two years will be the worst of your lives.  If we are willing to look at our selves and grow, this period of time will be freeing and our growth will quadruple.  This is a consciousness raising time.  A time of taking responsibility for our actions, to show we are willing to help one another and truly become a human race.  A time when someone asks you what your race is to say I am a human being.

A plan was put in place 2000 years ago when Christ walked this planet.  The Christ energy has returned to the planet and it is now up to us to put all our training into play and rise to the occasion of being a kind conscious human.


God Speed your journey.

Rev. Karen McCoy

Email:   Phone: 863-385-7940

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