Venus will be Retrograding

Venus will be retrograding Saturday December 21, 2013 at 4:53 PM EST until January 31, 2014 at 3:49 PM EST.  Venus retrogrades approximately every 18 months and it last for about 6 weeks.  Like every other planet in retrograde motion she is asking us to regroup in the areas of life she rules.  There are three things to take into consideration.

#1 Venus herself, she rules our value system and the things that are most important to us, like our hearts desires.  She also rules all things connected to love and money.  This means we will be re-evaluating what is truly important to us and mapping out ways of attaining these desires.

If there are issues concerning affairs of the heart we will either be looking for ways to set ourselves free or ways to fix that which is broken.  Though I do not recommend making any major love or financial decisions during the retrograde, it is still one of the best times to figure things out.

Also if there is someone you love that you have not contacted in a while this is a great time to reconnect.  No guarantee you will win them back, though they will be most open to at least hear what you have to say and at the very least you can have closure.

This is also a good time to reclaim financial losses or get paid back from someone.

#2 The sign that Venus is retrograding in and that would be Capricorn.  This means that much of our attention will be on our careers, big business and government.  Many will be focused on what needs correcting and will be unafraid to voice their opinions’ about asking big business and government to make adjustments.

#3 Would be the house Venus is transiting in your individual chart for that would tell you the part of your life these adjustments need to be made.  This you would have to consult your astrologer to discover.  I know some of you want to ask what it means in your chart cause you know which house it is in, thank you for not asking.

There is a lot going on astrologically now and this would be a great time to have a session.  It is always wonderful to move into the New Year armed with knowledge.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holy Season, much Love and Wellness in the coming year.



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