Venus Transit through 2012

It all started about 3500 years ago; the shift of power that is; from the feminine to the masculine. It was a blood bath, a massacre of all that was feminine. The raping of the priestesses, defiling of sacred sites, horrors that were too terrible to speak of. It was a time that we were supposed to have been ready to share power. We have been preparing to balance the masculine and feminine energies on this planet for eons. Every 3500 years we go through a transition phase that lasts roughly 200 years. During this phase there is normally a struggle for power, with the incumbent powers that be eventually acquiescing to the new leadership. In the midst of the transition there is always an opportunity for the incoming powers to choose to share the throne. This last shift of power was one of the more violent ones. For a while it looked as though we were going to balance the energy and share power, when the takeover happened the feminine energy was totally taken by surprise. The attack was quick, precise, efficient and global with deliberate attacks on the most healing feminine sacred sites upon the planet being the most brutal. Those sites being the womb of the mother on the big island of Hawaii and her sister site in the Yucatan. From that time up until approximately 200 years ago, the feminine energy has been harshly suppressed. Woman was made to feel as if she was the reason for all the problems in the world. She was dirty, unclean, even the most sacred of monthly physical rituals, the menstrual cycle was referred to as the curse. Women were then thought of as possessions, i.e. not permitted to own land, have monies, knowledge or even dignity. The masculine energy knocked the feminine energy down hard and fast. It worked hard at keeping it down. It thought it would never have to cross the bridge of being made to share, or acquiesce the power again. It believed
the feminine surely would never be able to recover. Little did the negative masculine know that the positive feminine would fight back in a different way. In ways the negative masculine could not protect itself from. It fought back through love. There is no way to fight against love. They had forgotten that the planet Venus, the planet of love, rules the feminine energy. Granted it has been a slow climb back up, nonetheless back up it came. Considering we were created in love, how could love possibly remain suppressed? It is the one thing that all that has been created craves. Time passed  and woman started emerging from their prisons of darkness and making  their way back into the light.

In modern day time the “Sacred Feminine” started emerging about the time of the last “Venus Transit”. This transit took place 121.6 years ago, and heralded the beginning of the women’s movement; better known as “Suffrage”, the women themselves were called “Suffragettes”.  These brave women broke the ground that the women of today build their foundations upon. They made enormous strides. Now it is our turn. This year on June 8, 2004 at 01:42 AM PDT
(Pacific Daylight Time) Venus will once again transit the disk of the Sun. The whole transit will last about six hours, three hours applying to this time and three hours separating from it. This transit heralds a time on the planet where we have not only evolved enough to share the power, we have reached a time that is referred to as the beginning of the end of times. The true end of times will be in June of 2012 when Venus makes her next transit, (she does this every 121.6 years then 8 years later). That is when the Mayan calendar will end, and it is referred to as the end of times. Understand it is not the end of the world, only the end of our known reality. To live in this new world we must learn to live in harmony, with the masculine and feminine energy sharing power. We have eight years until the next transit, giving us eight years to prepare and to choose to live in a harmonious way or choose to exist to a different reality. Some are saying at this time we will choose harmony and be elevated to the 5th dimension or choose chaos and remain in the 3rd dimension; this I do not know. What I do know is the balancing of the energies is written in the stars of our time.

On August 11, 1999 the heavens displayed a grand cross in fixed signs at the time of a solar eclipse. There were two feminine signs in exact opposition to two masculine signs, creating a perfect cross. The masculine and feminine coming together in fixed signs, represents the deliberate intent to begin balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Then on November 8, 2003 the heavens displayed six planets forming a “Star of David” at the exact time of a lunar eclipse. The “Star of David” being created by two perfectly joined triangles. Each planet being 60 degrees away from each other six planets times 60 degrees equaling 360 degrees, making a complete circle. One triangle representing feminine, the other masculine, coming together in perfect harmony. This has not taken place since before the last shift of power. Now. This
June we have the “Venus Transit”, and we have this wonderful opportunity to be able to see our true hearts’ desires without having to see them filtered through the filter of our ego.When we stand on the body of the earth, we look up and see the moon; it is the closest celestial body to us thereby having the strongest influence. The moon effects our  motions so most of us process everything that happens in our lives through our emotions. Then we see the Sun, which represents our egos, so everything we see after that is filtered through our ego. When Venus makes her transits, she crosses the disk of the Sun allowing us to see our true hearts’ desires without them being filtered through our ego. This gives us an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments that will bring us back on course, providing we choose to live in this world in a conscious way.

On a spiritual level Venus represents the Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdalene, The Holy Grail, The Golden Chalice and all that holds the Feminine energy Sacred. On a mundane level she represents how we handle all situations connected to love and money. She is what motivates us to share ourselves with others as well as what motivates us to attain. This transit has great meaning for everyone. It offers a phenomenal opportunity for growth on both the mundane and spiritual realities of ourselves. During this transit, visit a sacred site, join a sacred gathering, or at least take the time to meditate. Reach for that place inside of you that will help you to understand the energy of Venus and how to use this transit to your highest and best good. For myself, I’m going to Hawaii, to speak at the “Venus Transit Conference”. You’ll find me doing ceremony and sharing ritual with like-minded people celebrating the balancing of the masculine and feminine on the planet, and within ourselves. Through all of this we will be rejoicing in the emergence of the “Sacred Feminine” as she takes her place along side the “Sacred Masculine”. We will embrace the joining energies and prepare ourselves for the courtship that will last eight years till the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of the “Sacred Marriage” The end of one cycle is always the beginning of another.

Respectfully, I wish you Love, Light & Balance,
Karen McCoy

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