Solar Eclipse 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 3:40 PM EDT we had a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer.  The energy of this eclipse lasts until the next solar eclipse, which will be January 4, 2011.  Until then, this current eclipse shares the energy that allows us to shed negative emotions.  It will be easier than usual during this time frame to reprogram our emotional response system.  This is a great time to understand when something has hurt us emotionally and we choose to feed that memory with negative thoughts, we are choosing to keep ourselves in pain.

God does not allow us to go through any pain there is not a gain connected to; when we ascertain the gain, we disempower the pain.  When we stay stuck in guilt, shame, or blame, the pain is in control of our lives and we destine ourselves to keep repeating the pattern.  It will just show up in different faces and different places until we understand that it has come to teach us something.  When we let go of the pain we allow full assimilation of the lessons we are seeking.
This eclipse energy will allow us to visit old pains, accept the lessons, and let go of the pain.  This does not mean that we have to keep the people or situations in our lives that have brought us the lessons.  It does mean that we would not have found ourselves in the situation in the first place unless there was something we needed to learn from the experience.

Sometimes we will have contracts with others that were made before we were born.  We have made promises to help one another learn things our soul needs for personal growth.  When we do not remember these contracts, we can slip into resentment when the lesson rears its head.

Life presents opportunities for growth.  We call these opportunities challenges, bumps in the road, tests, bad relationships, illnesses and many other names.  If we will just shift our perspective, the difficult things will not come around as quickly.  Then when hard times do come, we will already be in gratitude and it will be easier to ascertain the gain.  Remember, we have free will.  It is up to us to decide how we are going to handle these bumps.

A dear friend of mine, Sandra Rose Michael, has said to me many times, “Keep the love and let everything else go.”  This is the best advice anyone could share with us during this energy pattern.  Let’s set ourselves free from that which does not serve us; let us look inward for answers and let us all move into gratitude.  When we move into gratitude, life gives us more and more reasons to be grateful.  For, where we focus our energy is the area of life we are fertilizing.

With Great Love, God Speed,

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