Why the Eclipses Work

Through the years since we have written Spiritual Astrology many of our clients have asked us to help them understand what the difference is between prenatal eclipses and the eclipses that happen every year. The difference can actually be explained very simply: one is a lifelong mission the other is a temporary assignment.

The eclipses depict an intimate relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth. The Sun, Moon, and Earth are the trio that represents our Ego (Sun), Emotions (Moon) and our Physical Form (Earth) in our birth charts. The transiting eclipses represent our collective Egos, our collective Emotions and our collective Karma. Karma on an individual level is how we work things out in our daily lives and physical bodies. On a collective level, Karma is how we serve the planet and work things out collectively.

(Excerpt from ā€œSpiritual Astrologyā€)

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